Welcome to African E-commerce Marketplace, build for Africa with African life conditions !

Welcome to African E-commerce Marketplace, build for Africa with African life conditions !

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What is LewanSoon B2B?

With LewanSoon B2B, gain access to all existing LewanSoon customers and gain an additional opportunity to increase your sales to new business customers of all types and sizes.

On average, B2B customers tend to have a larger basket and return products less often

Sell on LewanSoon B2B

Whether you are a small business or a large manufacturer, thanks to B2B e-commerce, LewanSoon Business is leading the way in transforming your business.

Reach millions of B2B customers in africa and maximize the potential of your account using LewanSoon Business features. They help you understand your B2B channel and tailor your offers to the needs of business customers.


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LewanSoon B2B is LewanSoon's B2B sales site that offers business customers the pricing, selection and convenience of LewanSoon, with features and benefits designed for businesses of all sizes.

Register as Manufacturer / Representative / Wholesaler


Load your offers

  • Add products to the catalog of the LewanSoon sales site, define the price variations by quantity, accept or not the B2B sale or the auction

Increase your sales with specialized B2B features

  • Thanks to Dashboard, understand and monitor your sales performance, tailor your offers according to the needs of professional and consumer customers by offering professional prices and quantity discounts then develop your selection with recommendations of popular products

Deliver your orders and receive your payments if you allow online payments

  • We will notify you when customers place an order. Use Delivered by LewanSoon and let LewanSoon Deliver your products or manage the delivery yourself. LewanSoon transfers the payment to your bank account at regular intervals if you also accept Orange Money, MOMO, PayPal, VISA / MasterCard Stripe online payments (check in your country). feel free to configure the payment methods that suit you in the seller's dashboard, even payment on delivery


Learn more about selling to other businesses

Learn more about how to become a Business seller and find out how to reach millions of business customers around africa using a single Seller Central account.

For more information on the different aspects of your seller journey, contact us.

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Here are some common questions about selling on LewanSoon B2B

What are the differences between LewanSoon B2B and Selling on LewanSoon simpletly or B2C ?

As a B2B or Business LewanSoon seller, you have access to all the functionalities of a Professional Seller account on lewansoon.com. In addition to the Sell on LewanSoon features, becoming a LewanSoon B2B or Business seller allows you to meet the specific needs of professional customers by providing features optimized for business-to-business transactions, including volume discounts, professional rates and more.

As a Business seller, who will be able to buy my products?

As a LewanSoon B2B or Business seller, you will enjoy all the privileges of a Professional Seller account, with access to millions of customers in all LewanSoon categories. With a set of exclusive features, reach out directly to business customers and limit purchase of offers to business customers only. Millions of companies from various industries buy the products they need from the LewanSoon B2B or Business sales site.

How can I join the LewanSoon B2B or Business seller program?

If you have a seller account, all you have to do is select the product to sell on my B2B market, this will give you a provisional B2B status, otherwise click on the button become a B2B seller in your seller area

How are orders delivered by LewanSoon Business sellers?

Adopt one of these three approaches to deliver orders placed on the LewanSoon B2B or Business sales site:

1. Delivered by LewanSoon: orders are processed by LewanSoon with the Supplier and your products are delivered from your distribution office or from us if you deposit with us. Orders delivered via Delivered by LewanSoon have the status B2B.

2. Delivered by Seller: Just as the name suggests, you deliver orders directly from your own premises, complying with LewanSoon B2B requirements. B2B status always applies to orders delivered by the B2B seller.

3. Mixed approach: many organizations use a mixed shipping strategy, shipping certain products directly, others via Delivered by LewanSoon and others by the customer who comes to collect himself from the seller thanks to the itinerary.

As a professional salesperson, how much does it cost to list products?

Currently, there is no additional cost to sell as a B2B or Business seller. To register as sellers, sellers pay a fee (which is currently free) and selling to businesses is included in their subscription (still free).

Monthly subscription fee, currently free for all Professional Sellers.

Selling costs (still free), vary by category. For more information, see the Schedule of Fees.

It's time to start making money.

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Selling on LewanSoon allows you to reach tens of millions of buyers, whether you are selling a single item or millions. Your account setup is set to sell across Africa.

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